Building a Takeaway Business Website: A Comprehensive Guide

Takeaways are an essential part of the modern culinary landscape. With the rapid advancements in technology, more and more food businesses are taking their operations online. Setting up a website for your takeaway business not only enhances visibility but also streamlines operations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of establishing a successful online platform for your takeaway enterprise.


I. Understanding the Importance of a Website

A website is the digital storefront of your takeaway business. It’s a platform where potential customers can learn about your offerings, place orders, and interact with your brand. A well-designed website can significantly improve your business’s online presence, making it easier for customers to find and engage with your services.

1. Flexibility and Control

By owning a website, you gain full control and flexibility over your business operations. You can manage incoming orders independently, without the need for expensive third-party apps or software. This independence allows you to dictate the customer journey, from browsing the menu to placing an order, enhancing the customer experience and fostering loyalty.

2. Keeping Operations In-house

Having an in-house website means you maintain control of the ordering process, allowing for an optimal customer experience. This also results in cost savings as you won’t have to pay for third-party app services. Moreover, you retain all your customer data, which is crucial for tailoring marketing strategies and enhancing customer relationships.

3. Multiple Payment Options

With your own website, you can integrate multiple payment gateways, offering the convenience of choice to your customers. From credit cards and PayPal to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, the options are endless.

4. Centralized Management

A website consolidates all your business operations in one place. Whether you offer local pickup, takeout, or delivery, managing all these services from a single point eliminates confusion and enhances efficiency.

5. Comprehensive Information Access

A website allows you to provide detailed information about your dishes, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and allergen information. This transparency can enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

II. Essential Components of a Takeaway Website

Building a website for your takeaway business involves more than just listing your menu online. Here are the essential elements you need to incorporate into your website to ensure it serves your business effectively.

1. Website Copy

The messaging on your site should be an extension of your business’s vision, mission, and values. It should clearly communicate what your business does best and why customers should choose your services. If you want more online reservations, make sure the prompts for reservations are prominently placed on your website.

2. SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to improving your website’s visibility on search engines. Factors influencing SEO include regular updates, relevance to the search topic, user-friendly navigation, and compatibility with different devices.

3. Custom Domain

A custom domain name for your website enhances brand recognition and makes it easier for customers to find your site online. It’s generally recommended to choose a domain name that matches your business name.

4. Promotion Strategy

Once your website is live, it’s time to promote it. You can leverage email campaigns and social media engagement to spread the word about your online launch.

III. Building Your Own Website

When it comes to building your website, you have several options available. You can use a website builder or use platforms like WordPress.

1. Website Builders

Website builders offer a quick, easy, and affordable way to build your restaurant website without any technical skills. You can add an online ordering system through the builder’s app store.

Examples of website builders:

2. WordPress

WordPress allows online ordering through a series of plugins. The popular WooCommerce plugin can be customized to set up online food orders. WordPress does require more maintenance than a website builder, but it offers more control over your website.

To host your WordPress website, consider using a service like Brightside Digital, which comes highly recommended by WordPress itself.

Building websites - website builder v wordpress

IV. Setting Up an Online Ordering System

With a website builder or WordPress, setting up an online ordering system is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it.

1. WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website, you can use it to host your restaurant’s takeaway menu and serve as your online food ordering system. To do this, you’ll need a plugin like Orderable.

2. Orderable

Orderable is an online ordering platform for WordPress that allows restaurant owners to set up an efficient online ordering system for their WordPress website. With Orderable, you can add menu items, take orders, process, and complete them.

WooCommerce for restaurants

V. Steps for Adding an Online Ordering System for Takeaway to WordPress

Here are the steps to add an online ordering system for takeaway to your WordPress website.

1. Install Orderable

First, purchase Orderable Pro from the Orderable website: After completing the purchase, download the plugins sent to your email and set them up on your WordPress website.

2. Enter Your Restaurant Information

Provide Orderable with your restaurant’s basic information, including the name, physical address, and email.

3. Add Your Food/Menu Items

Add the food items you want to sell. You can also create product add-ons such as toppings, special sauces, appetizers, etc., to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Create Your Online Takeaway Menu

Create a layout for your menu. If you want the menu to be displayed, you’ll have to add it to your page.

5. Add Local Pickup/Takeaway Options

With Orderable, you can create delivery and pickup for your takeaway business. Set up your store for collection/local pickup.

VI. Managing Your Takeaway Orders

With Orderable and WordPress, you don’t need anything fancy like a custom point of sale system or mobile ordering app. All you need is a computer or tablet hooked up to the internet, and you’ll be able to see orders coming in real-time.

VII. Using Brightside Digital’s Online Restaurant Package

If you’re looking for a more streamlined solution, you might consider Brightside Digital’s online restaurant package. They offer a comprehensive service that can set up your business in as quick as two weeks time. This package could be a great alternative for those who prefer a hands-off approach to setting up their online takeaway business.

VIII. Conclusion

Setting up a website for your takeaway business is no small feat, but with the right tools and guidance, it can be an enriching and rewarding process. A well-optimized website not only enhances your online presence but also streamlines your operations, making it easier for customers to place orders and interact with your brand. Whether you choose to build the site yourself or opt for a comprehensive package like Brightside Digital’s, the end goal remains the same – delivering an efficient and enjoyable online ordering experience for your customers.