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At Brightside Digital, we have over a decade of experience in the industry and are led by Tom Gibbons. We are passionate about creating leading digital products and services that will help your business to stand out and reach its goals.

Our team of digital experts can help you with all aspects of digital marketing, from web design and ecommerce sites to SEO and PPC, email marketing, social media, and affiliates. We also specialize in cutting-edge web3, NFTs, and AI technology, and can help you explore the newest and most exciting opportunities in the digital world.

At Brightside Digital, we strive to provide the best service and the highest quality products to our customers. Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends and technologies. 

We are excited to work with you and help you create a bright future with digital solutions.


Our mission is to make your digital dreams a reality. With our comprehensive suite of services and our cutting-edge solutions, we’ll help you achieve your goals. Let Brightside Digital show you why we’re one of the leading digital marketing and website development businesses in Ireland.


Our vision is to become the key external member of any online business. To regularly provide value through successfully meeting business goals given.

Tom Gibbons from Brightside Digital

Digital Marketing Insights Show

Have you listened to the digital marketing insights podcast? It showcases the digital talent around Ireland. Out every Tuesday and Thursday the show aims to help marketers highlight their skills and provide insights into their particular niche. We hope this show develops listeners knowledge in the space and gives individually the marketers a platform to share their thoughts.

What Our Clients Say

Tom is one of the most innovative digital marketers I’ve been lucky enough to work with. He is ahead of the curve when it comes to tech, tools and capabilities in all aspects of digital - continually evolving.
MJ Tierney
Head of European Marketing at Circle K
Tom is a creative and forward thinking Digital Marketer, who is a pleasure to work with and for. His calm and calculated approach to problem solving means that he is able to assess all of the factors involved before making a decision - which more often than not reduces the risk of problems further down the line. In addition to this his positive, tenacious and committed attitude towards his work is something that motivates other team members ten-fold; something that is especially helpful when working towards tight deadlines. Similarly the professional and extremely approachable way in which he conducts himself creates a great environment for less experienced team members to grow. All of these things contributed to the many successful projects Tom oversaw at IntoTheBlue, not least the roll out of a new - fully responsive - website. His drive to create new and fresh ideas - be it marketing campaigns or website features - mean that he is often ahead of the competition and he makes it his goal to keep it that way. Any business would be lucky to have him at the helm.
Tom Hale
E-commerce Manager - Web Engagement at Experian Consumer Services
Working with Tom was one of the highlights of my career! He was the most positive and enthusiastic manager I have ever worked with. The team and the wider team only have good things to say about Tom. Not only was he genuinely happy to encourage his team members he thrived in growing and teaching the team to be the best. I learned so much valuable skills while working with Tom and will take those skills with me in my career. Any company would be privileged to work with Tom. Tom would always go above and beyond to make sure the company was hitting targets and pushing creative boundaries!
Fiona Louise Ryan
Head Of Design at BRAND POWER
Tom is wonderful to work with . During his time in Circle K he went above and beyond to deliver and meet customer needs . He was our departments go to person for our all digital marketing requests and truly demonstrated great leadership and is highly collaborative with a problem solving mindset
Gillian Mc Gowran(MMII Grad)
Senior Manager Franchise Channel at Circle K
Tom headed up our E-Commerce Team from April 2013 to March 2016. He proved himself an extremely effective facilitator, weighing up the needs and wants of the business and identifying solutions appropriate both in terms of achieving our goals and in matching solutions to the resources available. Tom researches and thinks before acting an approach which enabled him to successfully deliver several crucial projects. This combined with excellent inter personal skills meant that the organisation made some major changes in a very positive way, with full support from all stakeholders,
Jim Maitland
Managing Director at Activity Gift Vouchers
Thomas was a crucial part of the team at Gemondo and a pleasure to work with. Although part of a team, Thomas streamlined the structure of the e-commerce setup whilst working alongside external agencies to implement their sales software. Thomas also provided additional insight to marketing campaigns, took on ownership of customer enquiries with ease and managed the eBay and Amazon accounts. He would be an asset to any business
Amy Lynch
During my time as digital marketing executive with The TEFL Academy, Thomas was initially the director of the marketing team before being elevated the the position of CEO. Under Thomas's guidance, I learned many facets of digital marketing and owe a great deal of my digital expertise and experience to Thomas's teachings and innovative marketing campaigns that we worked on. Thomas was an excellent manager and leader who led by example and inspired the team to achieve success. Should the opportunity arise in the future, I would very much like to work with Thomas again and continue to grow my digital knowledge under his guidance.
Kevin Collins
Digital Marketing Executive in the Communications Division at the HSE
My team and I absolutely loved working with Tom. He's a strategic thinker who's not afraid to try new things and make an impact. A great combination for us - his drive, flexibility and creative thinking enabled us as his social media marketing partner to push past the competition and make a real difference. As both and marketeer and a CEO it was obvious he cared about the work he and his team were doing and making a positive impact to the bottom line. I'd highly recommend him and would gladly work with him again.
James Armstrong
Managing Director at Digital Firefly

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