Project Overview


Solve complex SEO issue which has burdened the site for over 6 months. Offer solutions for how the business can grow more rapidly from an organic search point of view.

Fix Technical SEO Issue

Give the whole brand a more adventurous feel and exciting to learn from.

Offer Future Solutions

Move the bespoke website and cms to a system with less maintenance costs and higher performance.

Before and After

Technical SEO

*The issue was said to have gone through 3 SEO’s before coming to Brightside Digital

The website at the end of 2021 had lost a lot of it’s traffic. The reason was simple there wasn’t any Meta data being picked up by search engines however on closer inspection it was clear why this would be the case. The build of the site was on vue.js and using Gitlab to view the previous SEOs work it was clear the brief for the issue wasn’t as simple as it was thought.

Vue.js website

Javascript sites have huge benefits but are an issue in the eyes of search engines. Mainly findinging it difficult to crawl or even refusing to crawl the data within.

The solution after research was prerender a software for specifically javascript built sites. Allowing the site content and meta details to be logged and submitted on a server so when a crawlbot runs through the site it’s crawling the intended indexed page.

The process

Now understanding what was wrong it took less than a day or so to implement the correct process on the site via Git to solve the indexing issue.

What was interesting is the number of people who must of viewed this scenario for AiroLuggage. With all previous SEOs thinking the solution was simply updating the meta tags. The history in git was moving around the metadata and changing them so they were “recrawled”.  However in their defence the brief was showing as much. Seeing the time of the drop and knowing the algorthym changes in particular for Google. We knew this was a technical SEO issue not an onpage SEO issue. In understanding the problem we activated a prerender account and started to crawl some profitable pages (which would index quicker) once we have solved the problem the results kicked in about a week for the more valuable pages and the whole site in about 6 weeks. The client was delighted and couldn’t believe the impact after 8/9 months of struggling.

Canonical Tags

With the main technical SEO solution offered we highlighted the next biggest opportunity for the business was get the canonical tags correct. Doing this is great for all sites especially if you have filter systems or search features which can create extra parameter urls.

Link building / Media Coverage

With the on-page and technical SEO in place, we wrapped up our relationship suggesting the need to improve their domain authority and link equity across the site. This was by creating news pieces around the industry or offering great FAQ solutions which could also be used by content-based sites.

The Results

The huge business gain was once we solved the technical SEO issue which had haunted the site for 9 months. The organic search increases are shown in the image above and rough numbers below.


Daily website clicks from single click through numbers.


The number of impressions the website was receiving.


Average site poistion across the board improved. From an average of 40.