Alchemy LAB

Project Overview


First work with the business owner to see what are the best opportunities for attaining new clients and secondly the most cost effective ways to do so.

Automated Email Journeys

With a loyal and established based the smartest move for this small business was to increase the return rate of the clients within the database.

Create Successful PPC Account

Good keyword research and bid management to deliver a new set of clients to the business.

Automated Email Journeys

Use clever automated email journeys to get more returning clients in the most cost-effective way possible.

Alchemy LAB is one of the best brow and lashes studios in Dublin. The challenge for any small business is how to grow its customers in the most cost-effective way possible. Once understanding the current business setup it was clear using Mailchimps standard package (€55 a month) could generate €200-1000 worth of bookings a month. Treatments are in a 6-week cycle so bespoke 6-week rebooking emails and welcome/business journeys increase regular engagement in the business.

Welcome/Business Journeys

It’s important to have brand welcome journeys as a lot of businesses attain emails before bookings. The welcome and business journeys keep potential customers engaged in your services, increase social followers/engagement, attains more business reviews and of course bookings.

Returning Clients Journey

This complex chain of reminder emails post-initial-treatment reactivates all clients every 6 weeks. This is in line with when you would need a top-up on your service. As a result, this system gives clients reminders without a need for any other influences.

Create Successful PPC Account

There were previous attempts to use PPC however it wasn’t cost-effective. Our job was to make it work full time.

You might be familiar with our process of attaining keywords and restructuring accounts from our other case studies. Our success here was segmenting all the treatments and using bid management by profit margin. Giving different keywords (treatments) different costs per acquisition (CPA). As a result, starting from May into December, we started increasing drastically Y-on-Y growth. More details below.

The Impact

The impact of a huge PPC restructure and email automation from Q2 onwards put the business up on average around 50% up Y on Y with as much as 74% in certain months. We also played with the PPC in the months also. Mixing between high-margin treatments, higher-cost of treatments and low-cost treatments. Understanding the market and CPA as a whole really helped deliver several back-to-back record-breaking months in Q3 and Q4.

The Results

The business in 2023 as a result had several revenue record-breaking months back-to-back. Boasting an incredible 50% growth Year-on-Year.


Increase in monthly bookings Y-on-Y.


Increase in revenue for one particular month Y-on-Y.


Record breaking months in a row in terms of revenue.