Project Overview


Help reposition a historical government insitute and build it's image as the leading startup and business support in Ireland.

Help Rebrand Business

Give the business a modern feel. Present the business as a resource clients would immediately want to outreach to.

Improve Marketing Overall

Help the business identify it's KPIs and improve all elements of it's marketing and provide training to staff. This includes Social, Paid, SEO, Remarketing and Email marketing.

Hubspot Marketing and Reporting

Really embrance the Hubspot system and use all the elements already in place in the platform.

Furthr Festival & Pitch Jam Event Marketing

Help deliver a record attendance event post Covid for a renamed event from FutureScope to the new and improved Furthr Festival. Help establish and ongoing marketing event Pitch Jam.

Before and After

Before - Dublin BIC

After - Furthr Ireland

Help Rebrand Business

Although we didn’t rebrand this website we were consulted in the process and helped structure the new build.

The biggest part of the rebrand away from the look was to develop a new web journey allowing visitors to find their desired section quickly and present the next stages effectively. Once the site build was live we helped with more of the technical integration aspects like registering the domain transfer, updating htacess, tracking on all forms elements and syncing Hubspot in relevant places.


With the business shifting focus a few times over the years SEO did suffer. However with great keyword planning and staying on top of Technical and Off Page SEO the business has been hugely successful in it’s new areas and has great targets to continue to grow in this area.


PPC has been used as a brilliant weapon since the rebrand. Not only was it used to identify new keywords for its newest business objectives. We also put together a plan to advertise its “Previously Dublin BIC” name allowing the business to have a transition period giving the business the best chance for awareness during its renaming.

Social Media

Furthr’s social media has really improved in the last 2 years since it’s rebrand. One of the main reasons for this is the internals team’s creation and pillars approach method. We assisted and showed how you can rotate content and stay relevant throughout the year without big campaign work.

Email Marketing

We automated the consultancy process for the business rotating the consultants by their diaries giving the business internally and externally the most time-efficient method of maximising everyone’s time. We also helped focus the internal team on their story telling in emails. Which they now excel in.

Improve Marketing Overall

Improve all aspects of digital marketing across several business channels.

Especially with the rebrand and limited staff members in marketing, we worked with the team to just highlight all the methods in which they can advertise and work out the capabilities of all involved in what the output and best solution could be. The results have made 2023 a record-breaking year in terms of growth for the following channels, SEO, PPC, Social, Email and most importantly new client acquisition. It’s a credit to the business and the people involved for delivering such a brilliant year from a marketing point of view.

Hubspot Marketing

One of the main things the business requires is collecting and siloing its data effectively. Over the year there’s been many instances of creating the right data points from the website, CRMs and tracking to provide really strong user experiences on the site.

Reporting General

In addition to using Hubspot’s reporting options. We also developed more of the top-of-funnel marketing reports pulling in all Google and social platform data. This was a large project connecting all the different APIs involved.

Hubspot Marketing and Reporting

Integrate tracking for all different aspects of the business and produce easy to use reports to showcase all the work.

This was quite a big project in the end as there are so many different parts of the business to track. The huge outcome of correct tracking and data storage is better personalisation for the business and better use of marketing spend.

Furthr Festival & Pitch Jam Event Marketing

Event marketing is such a unique way to market as the “product” is worthless past the date and yet you need to balance the marketing spend with the attendance number of an event also. This means for Furthr Festival and ongoing Pitch Jam events we must really get the target audiences correct, event recognition and a really strong remarketing strategy in place. All areas the marketing covers for the business.

Furthr Festival & Pitch Jam Event Marketing

To get regular new attendees to Pitch Jam and sell out the Furthr Festival event over 3000+ attendees.

With event marketing, it’s all about identifying your correct audiences and then building a strategy to deliver your marketing in waves right up to 24 hours before the event. To do this we focused on social, placement and pr. All of which are supported by a remarketing campaign. Throughout this process we build email journeys (potentially SMS) depending on the interest and lead gen data received from the other platforms. 

The Results

Furthr in terms of it’s marketing numbers boast a recording breaking year in 2023. This includes the scope of new businesses getting involved, the growth of influence in the Irish market and the record-breaking traffic levels from all digital marketing platforms in 2023.


Best year to date in terms of traffic, acquisitionand brand recognition


Huge growth across all social platforms and email database


Number 1 business acceleration programme in Ireland