Pilot Path

Project Overview


Improve the business from a bookings point of view but also to improve the brand and how externally it's perceived.

Improve the Website User Experience

We weren't happy when taking over the website looking at the amount of broken links, flat pages and basic formatting throughout. We felt this was effecting the registrations.

Create Successful PPC Account

Good keyword research, better business structure and bid management to deliver a regular set of new pilots for the business.

Improve the Website User Experience

The website needed to improve the way it presents information. Flying is such an amazing experience and to sell the journey of becoming a pilot the website needs to demonstrate this.

Budgets are tight with SMEs so to really do this in a cost-effective way we only took the money pages and enhanced them. Some of the examples of what we did was integrated a video slider on the homepage showcasing the flight experience (rather than uninspiring landscape stock images). We also created urgency in sales periods with countdown timers and better display of information with counters and interactive text areas. One of our biggest issues was the amount of dead pages and broken links. A site clean-up took a run with our software and cleaned up navigation across the board. Lastly, we maximised CTA space and reduced blocky none converting space throughout.

Before and After


Create Successful PPC Account

The previous management of the account was disjointed and not taking into account the nature of the business (PPC structure needs to match the business needs not the agency or account user).

The success we had here to date is segmentation and geo-targeting near training sites. We first drastically reduced spend by excluding areas across the countries. Then segmented the types of training using bid managed and profit margins to define what should be spent where. Previously the business was told they couldn’t do better in regards to their account. Which of course wasn’t true it was short-sighted and not understanding how the business operates.

The Impact

It’s still early days but the PPC restructure was in Q4. What we did was cut the spend by 70% which of course reduced the number of clicks but the amazing metric was the small decrease in conversions. In addition in those conversions, the quality of those leads exceeded those in previous months (this is because enquiries were coming from locations not near the training centres and had a low take-up rate). When we had proven our methods we increased spend to a record-breaking converting month. Long may this continue.

The Results

It’s still early stages for this client however the early results give us and the client confidence that 2024 will be their best year to date.


Delivered best month to date in terms of leads after 3 months of working with them


Bounce rate has improved dramatically since enhancements to the site


Savings of paid spend whilst delivering almost the exact same results in Q4