Progressive FS

Project Overview


Improve the business website especially from a conversion rate and user experience. Provide the business with a full marketing strategy and put in place cost effective setup so there isn't any unnecessary ongoing website costs.

Redevelop the website and enhance UX

The previous website wasn't responsive, really poor mobile experience. Had gaps througout, the blog section in particular. Make sure there isn't any loss of enquiries.

Provide Cost Effective Web Solutions

The business was caught up in a high IT retainer and server costs. The business also wanted a full marketing setup without the ongoing costs. So plan and foundations set up.

Redevelop the website

The big objective here was to redesign the website in a custom build so different to the market. Mak the site responsive with a clear focus on mobile traffic.

The build instructions were to keep the site very clean. A few small elements of animation and to make sure the website had no broken links, reduce unncessary space, make responsive and the contact forms all working correctly to the business emails. All done successfully using the system and content already in place.

Before and After


Provide Cost Effective Web Solutions & Marketing Setup

The business was spending a lot on and IT retainer and server costs (server costs were almost €200 a month).

We did some clever setups when building the site to really maximise Progressive FS site’s future. The few we applied, were all SEO setup factors including keywording all pages, applying technical SEO across the board and tracking all areas including setting up Google Console. Secondly, their server costs and IT retainer were through the roof. So we set up their own hosting environment in AWS (€6 a month!). We sycned up their mailing system so no third-party forms or email subscriptions. We also synced up their own free SSL certificate from let’s encrypted meaning they save €120 a year also. In less than a year all our IT changes meant the business was saving money after our costs.

Self Hosting & Free SSL Certificates = Huge IT Cost Savings

With websites, there are two ongoing costs that can greatly vary from business to business. That is server costs (hosting) and SSL certificates. A lot of web companies charge a high retainer cost for both which can be argued has maintenance costs also. The reality is if the site is self-hosted with its own environment at AWS your monthly server costs would like be between €4-16 a month.  With SSL certificates going for €50 to €120 per year on average. We resolved both of these by coding and automating Let Encrypt free certs and reducing the hosting costs down from €200 a month to €6 a month.

The Results

The client was very happy with the outcome and the fact we hit all requests along the way.

Huge savings in IT costs


New responsive site which allowed mobile users to nativate and get in touch easily.


The optimised site has been driving more organic traffic than ever before.