The Innovation Exchange

Project Overview


Over the course of 2023 integrate all CRMs and analytics into Hubspot. Creating a sales team pipeline and rebuild the website including members hubs to give a more dynamic and knowledgable experience for clients.

Rebuild Website

Give the business a more leading innovative feel and exciting business to work with.

Build Bespoke Invoicing System

Due to the constraints of the invoicing system with Hubspot build a bespoke app to allow invoicing requirements suitable with the business.

Integrate Hubspot

Integrate the whole business into Hubspot allowing the business to operate at a higher level and all data can be analysed.

Create Informative Members Hub

To improve the "paid" client area of the site. Giving a wonderful paid experience and display of information, webinars, important networking opportunities and most importantly a simple system for staff management.

Before and After

Before the Rebrand

The website wasn’t responsive and most elements across the site were plain giving for a poor user experience and low registration rates.

After Rebrand

One of our key objectives was to make the site a highly engaging experience increasing the registrations and the way business information in consumed.


Rebrand Business

The business is a leader in innovation support for businesses across Ireland. It’s imperative that their website matches.

The rebranded site has interactive elements like video integrations, animated stages and various ways of displaying imagery in unique engaging ways. This was critical in making the site industry-leading, hence the name innovation.

Data Sync

Integrates all touch points of the business into Hubspot. As well as page and tracking data we make sure all data is siloed for easy bespoke analysis if necessary. 

*The image is of our Hubspot Test Environment

Sales Pipeline

We have a really good knowledge of the different packages within the Hubspot Network. We’ve built several sales pipeline which links into Hubspots invoicing system or like below via a bespoke app api. 

*The image is of our Hubspot Test Environment

Integrate Hubspot

Make Hubspot the central database and reporting platform for the business.

Hubspot is one of the best data CRMs on the market. The cost of elements is important to be aware of with your business needs as the higher packages can make it difficult for certain size businesses. For this project is has become the go-to platform for all business resources. Data storage, email marketing, invoicing and sales pipelines and of course reporting to meet annual KPIs.

Bespoke Hubspot App

As there are limitations within the quote section of Hubspot we needed to develop an API app which would allow both the bank transfer and stripe payment methods into the business accounting system.

Hubspot Quotes & Workflows

The sales pipeline is linked with the Hubspot Quotes meaning there is no need for additional staff in the sales process. Workflows are built to renew and notify clients of the business’s journey.

Build Bespoke Invoicing System

Build a system linking all payment methods all through Hubspot. Reports are also built to analysis best team members and partnering pipelines.

The bespoke invoicing system before creating considered all the business’ unique requirements and also handled some glaring forms in the Hubspot payment set-up. By creating this process it can analyse all sales team performances and also allows 3rd partner parties to have their own pipelines and reports without causing any crossovers. 

Members Hub

Building out the existing system to give a much better UX and value for money to the business members. This included challenge setups, master classes, internal pitches and learning modules.

Create Informative Members Hub

To improve the member hub making the learning modules more enjoyable and engaging. Give the members the best opportunity in landing challenges.

Once the site and marketing areas were significantly improved. The course itself needed development. We helped create the new course Level 3 TEFL reducing the competitve advantage over businesses might of hand against TTA. The courses become modern with gamification and a more rewarding process for the certificates.

The Results

The government-backed business really came into the industry in 2023. Formed in 2022, the difference between the two years in terms of performance, brand recognition and members is night and day.


Members on the platform


Huge operation savings with automation and Hubspot integration


Digital transformation challenges completed